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To continue the application, click on the statement that best describes your situation relative to CHUM. Once your application has been completed please submit an income disclosure form. You can hand it to a board member in person, email a scan to, or mail it to CHUM, 7205 Rhode Island Ave, College Park, MD 20740.

Frequently Asked Questions

After filling out an application, you must:

Undergo a brief phone interview - someone from the New Membership Committee will contact you to schedule a time. Schedule and attend a house dinner and tour

If your application is accepted, you will be notified and then given a preliminary room assignment. You will be able to request a different room, and we will honor your request as well as we can. Once room assignments are finalized, you must:

Attend a new member orientation in April (date TBA) Sign a lease and a membership contract Pay a security deposit and a $55 annual membership fee. You will be contacted if you were placed in a preliminary housing configuration and reminded to attend a house dinner. Keep in mind that some factors may have prevented us from being able to place you in a house. Not being able to commit to a 12-month lease or not being able to meet other residents in person before signing the lease was a primary reason applicants were not placed in houses last year.

Check the calendar to see where upcoming potlucks are, or if you are unable to attend potlucks, email us anyway and we'll hook you up with one of the houses.

Rent can range from $388-673/mo for a single room and $334-390/mo for a shared room (not including utilities). You will also be asked to split carrying charges equally amongst your housemates. These charges will be decided upon democratically by members of your house and will include utilities, food, and home supplies (cleaning supplies, storage supplies, etc.). If you are very price-conscious, note that sharing a room will reduce your expenses considerably. There are a limited number of single rooms in the lower end of the price range quoted above.

Current houses have move-in dates of June 1, July 15, August 1, and Sept. 1. However, not all of our members can move in Sept. 1. While we try to honor all requests, the small size of houses means that you are not necessarily likely to get your first pick of move-in date. But all houses run on a 12-month lease cycle, so you will have to pay for a full consecutive 12 months no matter what. And finally, we can try to accommodate people who are unable to pay for the full consecutive 12 months (for instance, by matching two people together who are looking for partial lease terms*), but we not only prioritize applicants who will be in the house for an entire year, but are also often simply logistically unable to accomodate people who will not be. *Finding a subletter is ultimately YOUR responsibility, and if your subletter fails to pay rent or damages the house in some way, YOU are responsible.

In some ways, yes, as we are only looking for people who are willing to commit to a cooperative lifestyle and the democratic decisions made by the organization in the form of our bylaws and collaborative events like house dinners and potlucks. Also, you must be able to commit to the full lease term (finding a subletter is your responsibility, not ours, though we?ll try to help in any way possible!). And finally, because we are an affordable housing organization, we seek to maintain a certain percentage of residents who are low-income. However, keep in mind that spaces have filled up very quickly in past years.

You will be notified as soon as possible if you were waitlisted. Waitlistees still have a chance of getting into CHUM; someone may drop out, but you should secure other housing arrangements. People who applied this year and completed their requirements (application and house dinner and tour) will be awarded points for a spot in a CHUM house next year (you also get "points" for attending our meetings, potlucks, and events, so if we don't hear from you all year you may lose your priority status!). We will also put you in a hold file in case of any mid-year emergencies, such as any breaches of lease or membership requirements by current members. Sometimes we do need an extra member halfway through the year due to unforeseen circumstances..