Our organization and workforces

CHUM is a democratic, egalitarian organization where any member of the College Park community may pay dues or, alternatively, attend a certain number of consecutive meetings, and receive one vote in the decisions the organization makes.

CHUM has a Board of Directors elected annually from within its dues-paying membership, but input from the entire community is welcome at board meetings and in board decisions. CHUM also has a number of volunteer committees open to all members of the community, dues-paying or otherwise, who are interested in cooperative living.

Current Executive Board


Jennifer Garcia-Herrera and Bella Scribner


Tobi Hammond


Danae Rupp

Committee Coordinators

Eric Marshall-Main and River Pearson


The bringers of fun (BOF) committee is involved in planning social events, parties, and fun trips for all of CHUM. BOF is open to all ideas from members in the committee and those who not a part of the committee for future gatherings, trips, and parties. BOF tries to hold an event at least once a month.

The finance committee is involved in collecting rent, utility, and membership dues from CHUM members every month. Representatives from each house track expenses and draft CHUM budgets, which are discussed at general body meetings.

This committee helps each CHUM house maintain and expand their gardens. Members also take trips out to work on community gardens.

The housing committee seeks out new properties for CHUM to rent or acquire. Its short-term responsibility is to maintain a set of suitable rental houses for upcoming years, and its long-term responsibility is to find an ideal property for purchase.

The mediation committee is CHUM's internal conflict resolution resource, dedicated to ensuring that CHUM is a safe space for all members of our community. The mediators in this committee remain objective and unbiased, and hear testimony from all involved parties. This committee can mediate conflicts related to lifestyle clashes, house meetings, common space or possession usage, or any other requested topics.

The new membership committee reviews applications and make decisions on new admissions. They also place new members into houses based on ability to pay and preferences.

The outreach committee creates, organizes, and distributes CHUM materials intended to inform the community and educate members. This committee also organizes CHUM publicity events and maintains CHUM's social media presence.

This committee ensures the website contains up-to-date information on CHUM and squashes any bugs. Feel free to reach out with any questions or send a pull request to the GitHub repository!