The homes of our community

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While more established student housing co-ops tend to own their property, we are a very young organization, and all of our houses are rented from local landlords while we build capital to eventually purchase our own house. Our houses are located in three neighborhoods: Calvert Hills, College Park Woods, and Berwyn.

Calvert Hills

These houses are all within three blocks of each other. Downtown College Park is a ten-minute walk away, as is the College Park station on the Washington DC Metro Green Line. The #104 College Park Metro is a free shuttle bus that runs frequently throughout the day from the station to the Stamp Student Union at the center of the UMD campus, the #122 Green runs after 5:30 PM daily and all day on weekends, and downtown DC is about 25 minutes away by train.

College Park Woods

Home to the newest part of chum, this beatiful community is on the west side of campus, past the xfinity center. Free Shuttle-UM buses (#108 Adelphi#116 Purple line#105 Campus Connectorrun throughout the day from the neighborhood to various parts of campus.

Berwyn Heights

These houses are roughly a mile from the Calvert Hills houses, and aren't as accessible from the Metro. However, they are a 5-to-10-minute walk from shops on Route 1 and a 10-to-15-minute walk to the northeast part of campus - home to the engineering and computer science buildings. Free Shuttle-UM buses (#114 University View#117 Blue#125 The Circulator, and #132 The Varsity) run throughout the day from the neighborhood to various parts of campus.